Wednesday, 28 September 2016

3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Company

Posted by Engr Sahu
Given the number of companies offering web design service, it might be difficult for you to determine which of them you should trust to help you in making your business boom. There are a few questions that you can ask first in order for you to trim down the choices and partner with the best one. SEO is the best way of digital marketing in these days. Though, there are various ways that have come in front, but this act to be the most effective and affordable.
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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Buy High DA expired domain Salty or Sweet

Posted by Engr Sahu
The buy High DA expired domain is not as easy as buying domain names, logically, the register expired domain names is the most misunderstood topic, although it's not complicated if you have familiar with the process, such as domain auction, website flipping etc.

Domain DA? High … Domain Age? 5+ Years… Domain Index? Expire.

A good old domain to buy, but have one doubt. The domain matrices are good, then why the owner let the domain expire? Or why he/she not interested in domain live continue? The reason may be varying.

Let me share something with you, I bought, seven days ago; Guess at what price? $35? NO… $20? NO… $5… Again, NO!!! I bought it in just for $2.50!

Believe me, you can buy good drop domain at cheap price at domain auctions, but you have to keep an eagle eyes on the websites, which list the non-active domain for sale. But here are a diamond and stone in the same quarry, and you must have to jewelers eye for check domain at following points before you send payment.

Why previous owner has let expire the aged domain

Few main reasons are below
  • No-worth renewing: It's not likely worth anything to you, if it wasn't for them.
  • Banned by Google: No benefits to you because Google won't rank it.
  • Email address is no longer valid and not receiving domain name expiry alert in email.
  • Forget about owning the domain-Could offer value to you.
  • Legal Reason-No money to invest to continue it more.
  • Registrant no longer with the company

Buy High DA Expired Domain 


  • Domain DA: DA is Domain Authority, the Google Page Rank time has gone, Alexa ranks also not in the demand, DA overtake these all. The website DA ranges from 0-100, introduce by Moz; it is domain level, all pages have same domain authority. Domain with DA 30 is good for buyers, 25+ also sufficient. Less is risky to buy. Only authority sites touches the score 50+, it can check here Open Site Explorer.
  • Domain PA: PA or the Page Authority, similar to DA, the difference is that, it is the page level reputation parameter. Range from 0-100. Page reputation strongly affects it, low reputation means low PA. While the high share, like, voted page (with great content) has high authority.
  • Domain Spam Score: Domain spam score flag color can Red, Blue, and Green, if the spam score is greater than 3, the flag is Red. The Blue if the score is 1 or2. The Green is for spam score 0. You can check it by entering/paste URL in the box here Website Spam Score Checker online
  • Google Ban: High Domain and Page Authority, several years old domain with good looking, and the keyword in URL these all are worthless/useless if the domain caught and ban by Google. If it's not showing on Big G SERP (search engine results page) what have to do that, domain, don’t waste money buying such web address. If the purpose to buy a domain is make money online, then the domain must outside of Adsense Jail. Adsense is a more trusted platform to earn extra money without investing huge money. In case web-address is banned, the site will show on SERP in return of related queries from visitor, but the Adsense Ads will not show on the website. Although, the domain can use for earning money through affiliated program.
  • Google Penalty: It is highly recommended to leave domain suffer from Google penalty. But, if the domain is valuable or need at any cost, then after buy it, send domain reconsider request to Google, [here]  
  • Link Profile: The link is the votes for domain, genuine and well-structured links improve your site position in SERP (search engine result page). The big G panels over linking sites, and the site will not show on result of query by the user. The link quantity is not matter, but the quality link profiles are a magnet for search engine, and improve the traffic.
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Friday, 5 August 2016

Don't Buy Dedicated Server Hosting with Confusion

Posted by Engr Sahu
Many organizations and individuals use internet-hosting services to serve content to the Internet. These services run internet servers and offer various types of services. Most common type of hosting is web hosting. The hosting service providers mainly offer a combination of services. Generic type of Internet hosting services provide a server to the clients where they can run anything they want and have an internet connection with good upstream bandwidth.

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